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Christian Ramsey (President & CEO)

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mr. Ramsey has over 20 years of experience as a licensed financial professional. He currently specializes in advanced techniques involving real estate and business transactions and managing trust assets but also has a large client base of Teachers and First Responders. The investment philosophy used by Mr. Ramsey is based on a fully transparent, institutionally-priced active money management.

Mr. Ramsey has been published in several newspapers and magazines including “The Auburn Journal”, “The Granite Bay View”, “The Placer Herald”, “Ranch and Country”, “Land and Farm”, “American Small Farmer” and has co-authored works to the Journal of Accountancy and Journal of Financial Planning. He published “Land Rich, Cash Poor” in 2007. More recently, Mr Ramsey has authored several white papers on the Installment Method, Monetized and Structured Installments and has co-authored an eBook titled “Just Say No – To Bad Financial Advice” to be released in 2024.

Mr. Ramsey lives in Colorado Springs and enjoys classic cars, vintage trailers, competitive shooting, ‘old guy’ ju-jitsu, maintaining a high level of physical conditioning and reading as much as he can.

Mr. Ramsey has previous Board Experience with Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce and several years of Board officer experience with the Cochise Family Advocacy Center. Mr. Ramsey also established the Cochise County Citizen’s Emergency Response Team and trained over 300 volunteers in Disaster Preparedness over several years while working closely with First Responders and State and Federal liaisons.


Wells Fargo Call Center Team Lead Supervisor of 40 Agents 1997

AdvisorPage.com Founder 1999-2006

Member of Society of Asset Allocators and Fund Timers (SAAFTI) 1998-2000

Due Diligence Specialist tracking 40 Active Money Managers and 8 Platforms 1998-2000

Portfolio Management Integrations (Techfi) and Exception Report Management Multiple Custodians and Data Feeds daily 1998-2000

External Wholesaler covering CA, NV and HI – managed over 800 Advisor Relationships quarterly

Associate Member National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM) 2006 - 2008

Certified Financial Planner Curriculum Completed in 2006

CA Department of Real Estate Continuing Education Provider 2007-2012

Board of Accountancy and Society of Enrolled Agents Continuing Education Provider 2010-2012

National Educators Association Retirement Specialist 2008-2022

Development of Planned Giving Program for Los Rios Foundation 2008

Series7News.com Co-Founder 2008-2020

Sacramento Estate Planning Council Member 2008-2010

Advisory Board Member Sacramento City Business College 2009

Exclusive Retirement Consultant for San Juan Unified School District Teachers Association 2009-2012

Advisory Board Fundraiser for Southside Art Center 2010-2012

DHS/FEMA CERT Instructor 2015-Present

Program Manager for Cochise County CERT 2016-2020

Incident Decision Support. LLC – Co-Founder and Coordinator 2017-2021

Stop the Bleed Instructor 2018-Present

Oral Presenter to Military Health Research Symposium 2018

SBIR Grant Proposals submitted to DARPA, DOD and Air Force 2018-2019

National Science Foundation Grant Recipient I-CORPS 2019 in collaboration with University of AZ

Cochise Family Advocacy Center Board Secretary 2016-2019

Cochise Family Advocacy Board President 2020

Member National Association of Active Investment Managers 2023-Present

Member Tucson Estate Planning Council 2023-present

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